From Jadwiga's America, the sequel:

"Julius, look here.  We will change the name." Jadwiga ran her fingers under the letters that decorated the stern.  They read Florence H, perhaps named for a daughter of the man who sold the boat to Jadwiga.   "We will change the name, Julius.  She will be Maria S.  We will name her for your Maria."

Julius was immediately emotional.  He moved to turn away in a new rush of grief.   But Jadwiga took his head in her hands and brought him to her as he suppressed a sob.   "Jadwiga," he said, fighting to get the words out, "I miss her so much.  It is not right that she died.  I should not have brought her.  First, I should have come alone..."

"Julius, it could not be foretold that the crossing would be so long.  We should have been in America before her baby came.   She is with Jesus now, Maria is, and the baby in her arms."

Now Paul approached and put his arm around Julius' shoulder.   "With her new name," Jadwiga continued, "we will ask the priest, the artist priest, to bless her and to draw her, with the name, and you can send the picture to Maria's people."

Julius looked at the lettering through tear-fogged eyes, and it could be seen that he, too, was imagining this new future for Jadwiga's schooner.  The spirit of his Maria would have a new life, free on this American lake called Erie.


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