Together, they risked everything
                  for their chance at a better life...

        A story of the coming of Paul and Jadwiga is told among the old fishermen of the Lake Erie shore, at Dunkirk.  Their tellings carry the haunting tone and phrases of legend.  It is the kind of story people repeat when they don't recall the exact truth, or never knew it, or think it tells better their way.
        As wondrous as the legend may be, there is a truth, and I tell it here.  I know the truth, for my father told it to me.  And he told it to me as he heard it from Paul, and, when he asked her, from Jadwiga herself.
        It is a story of young dreams and young love.
        It is a story of those dreams, and that love, and what they can achieve.
        It is Paul's story, Jadwiga's story, and the story of their coming to America.

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