The striking thing about the first encounter ashore was the marking of Jozef.  His jacket was marked with chalk.  It was a casual act, without exchange of words, done by a young official who did it as though he had already marked dozens today and thousands in days past.

The Authors

Jadwiga's Crossing is a work
of father and son.


Aloysius A. Lutz was the product of a Polish home in a Polish neighborhood of Dunkirk, New York, near the shores of Lake Erie.  One of eight children, he was born in the early years of the 20th Century and grew up hearing stories of immigration to America.  During the Great Depression, he promoted amateur boxing in Dunkirk, and later worked in Dunkirk industries, including the Allegheny-Ludlum Steel Corporation.  He began work on Jadwiga's Crossing in the 1950's, but died in 1966 before completing it.


Richard J. Lutz (e-mail, a lifelong writer, broadcast journalist, and media specialist, is the son of Aloysius and Lena Hartlieb Lutz.  He worked in commercial and public radio and television in Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin before moving to New York City as a consultant on the nexus of digital technology and mass communications.  He holds degrees from The University of Michigan, where he was also a journalist in residence in 1978-79.  From 1996 through 2016, he owned, edited, and published The Main Street WIRE, the newspaper serving the community of Roosevelt Island, New York City.

In response to repeated reader requests,
he is now preparing Jadwiga's America,
expected to publish in the Fall of 2017.  
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